Music never sleeps

Hi. It was a bit quiet with us lately. A strange year, a difficult year in which most of us focused on the safety of our loved ones, was not helping to solve our “staffing” difficulties. Nevertheless, music burns inside us constantly, we create new tunes all the time and we are pleased to announce that ANYWHERE US is doing well. 

First and foremost, there are four of us again, and we are rehearsing as regularly as covid19 allows. More information about our new guitar player soon. I will only say on behalf of the other three that it was worth to wait 🙂 

Secondly, we are excited and focusing on new songs that I hope you will hear at the 2021 concerts. 

Thirdly, we would like to take this opportunity to send You best Christmas wishes. We wish you health and peace, a world without a pandemic, humanity without divisions, so that each of us can cherish what is most beautiful in us and the best music that moves, inspires and makes us want to live.
See ya soon. Stay tuned to ANYWHERE US 

P.S. A short raw fragment from the December rehearsal as an appetizer before Christmas Eve supper

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