About Us

the band

We have been searching for each other for a long time.  We are a bunch of nut-heads, different individuals, but on the same page where music is concerned. Anywhere Us the music is there. It surrounds us, drives us and is always present. As listeners, performers and composers, we are open to all music styles. We are inspired by all the noises around us and also by each other. We try not to think too much if the music we make is proper for this generation or correct as musical style. We just do what we like, how we feel. We believe music can`t be created without feelings. The sounds we play are the echo, our way of communication and sharing with others. Same goes for our lyrics, a mirror to surrounding reality. Mocking images of ordinary events as well as these complexed and layered. We hope, that within our notes, you can find your own feeling and emotions. Stay tuned to Anywhere Us…

Arkadiusz „AirGoneOut” Konieczny


When you read “AirGoneOut” real fast it comes out as Argonaut. This is me. Always looking out for something. Always on the move, the world is my home. I’ve grasped some theory while learning to play the drums and for many years it was my instrument. Thanks to that knowledge I can read the drummer’s needs, and believe me, it is an advantage when playing in a band. A few guitar lesson pointed out real fast to a self-learner player, that there is a long way ahead of him, but was also enough to enter a more self-conscious world of narration.  Today I sing and play guitar. I write the lyrics too. So AirGoneOut is a combination of a so called poet, musician, singer and a dreamer. Most people admit that when they close their eyes they see pictures. It also happens to me, but more often I hear music. Sometimes I think it is a kind of disease, but if it is, than I don`t want to be healed.

Franciszek "Franky" Leśniewski


A graduate of the Wrocławska Szkoła Jazzu i Muzyki Rozrywkowej. Drums instructor of Ist and IInd degree. Life motto: “How much more can you learn …”. Took an active part in many street and commercial projects. Among theme are: Malta Off Festival, Stol Total Festival Giżycko, Stol Art Festival Lubiąż, Niezabijaj Stary Olesno Festival, Rock Festival in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski etc. I was performing on many club and house of culture stages, as well as open air performances. An active circus activist. My passions do not know boundaries and moderation. Man of Renaissance. Always on the go to discover the world and dream to make it better. I love omletts, a good book and a good movie. I’m a big fan of board and card games. If I had a house, I would instantly fill it with all kinds of them.

Ryszard "Dziki"


Music is my passion. I listen to very diverse genres. I like folk, jazz, blues, country and even electronic disco. Nevertheless, the mainstream is rock – from light melodic pieces to hard trashmetal riffs.
I was raised on rock classics: starting from Led Zeppelin, AC-DC, and then going harder to Iron Maiden, Metallica and Megadeth.
When I was 17, me and my neighborhood buddies decided to form a band. I got a bassman role and that’s how it started. The beginnings were Oldies but Goldies Polish songs, but soon we started to play what we were listening to. Unfortunately, growing up has its cycles: buddies joined army, I started studying and the band fell apart.
However, in 2016, it did not take long to concince me to try again. And now, together with the guys, I do what I always wanted, play in a real band with a bunch of friends. This is what I like.